Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mamma Boles :)

Ok, so it seems like all of my posts lately have been about birthdays, BUT - the people that I love are very important to me, and I feel like a way that I can show them is by telling them how special they are. So today is Jason's mom's birthday and this is for her.

From the day I met Jason's mom, I knew that she was a very special person. She has this spirit about her that is very calming and nurturing. She makes me want to be a better person because everything that she does, says, and acts is true, genuine and sincere. Jason gets this from his mom - one of the main things I love so much about Jason. So here are some things that I love about Sharon:

  • She is beautiful inside and out.

  • Jason got her big blue eyes - so pretty!

  • She loves her children with all of her heart and also her adopted children by marriage. Hee hee

  • I can call her at any time and she will just listen. (thanks a million!)

  • She calls just to say hi and to ask about our day. This means so much to me!

  • She is such a good example to me of a wife and mother.

  • She treats Russ (Jason's dad) like a king, and with the utmost respect.

  • She is the best listener and gives great advice.

  • She is an EXTREMELY hard worker - often working on the weekends... yuck!

  • She is an AMAZING cook. Claise is one of my favorites!

  • She is SO supportive of EVERYTHING that Jason and I do, and the way we live our lives and that means the world to us both.

  • I love the way Jason talks about her - with dignity, admiration, and respect.

  • She gives the best gifts!! Always thoughtful and catered to what we need.

We love you so much mom and are grateful for you and your life! We hope you have a wonderful birthday - Hugs and kisses :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday ASH! b.1984

Well today is my sis. Ashlee's birthday. I'm kind of sad today that she is far away from us and we can't spoil her in person, but I wanted to write a public post just for her to let her know how much she means to me.

Ashlee is one of the most creative people I've ever known. She amazes me at the things she comes up with. I remember when she was in school at Collin's College, she made a video at the end of the year that had projects that she had worked on throughout the year. I saw it and was blown away!! I had no idea how she did some of the things she did with the editing, and dubbing in music; making the camera focus on certain things and other things were out of focus, etc. It was so awesome!!

Ashlee moved to New York in January and I have to say it was one of the hardest things for me. She doesn't know this, but the week before, Jason and I went to bed and I just started to cry. He was worried that something was horribly wrong, but I assured him I was ok. I just said I'm gonna miss Ashlee so much!! I cried the whole day that she left on the plane. She and I have become very close as we've gotten older. So here are some things about Ash that I wanted to share:
  • She is SO funny, and I tell her all the time she should write for Conan O'Brien! Ha ha
  • She is very intelligent. She's got smarts, book and street!
  • She knows just about every alternative band out there and is always sharing new music with me that I love. (Even though she'll ask me, "so do you like this?" and I'll say "yes" and she'll say "No you don't, you're just saying that!") You brat!
  • She is so good with kids.... Hhhmm, maybe that's why she is a nanny. It is so fun to see her with Kayla and Shawn - she loves them so much!
  • She has a certain body talent that I won't make public, but I don't think anyone else in the world can do that! haha
  • She makes me laugh more than anybody, and one of my favorite things to do in life is to laugh - Thanks ASH!
  • She has the prettiest blue eyes- crystal blue.
  • She has beautiful dark brown, almost black hair - what a combo!
  • She has olive colored skin that turns brown when she tans - unlike the whitey's in the fam. like say - me and Jason.. haha
  • Her smile lights up the room :)
  • I love our early morning talks when I'm driving to work - 3 hours ahead in NY!
  • She was so brave to move to NY by herself and I truly admire her for that! What courage!

Ash, I love you a lot and I can't wait for our visit in May! Jason loves you too and we both miss you a lot.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another full, fun-filled weekend

Jason just being Jason!

Smoke follows beauty!

Annie and Jared at Charleston's

This week was packed! And this weekend I didn't really get much of a break until today. So here's how it went:
Friday - HAPPY 2OTH BIRTHDAY ANNIE!! I can't believe my baby sister is 20 years old. We are exactly 10 years apart, so that means I'm getting old! Annie was one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. Big dimples and the curliest hair - just like shirley temple. It still is curly, but she straightens it almost everyday! Annie invited Jason and I to go along with her and Jared on her birthday date on Friday night to Charleston's. We had a really fun time. Here is a few things about Annie that I love:
  • She has such a great smile and brightens up the room with it!
  • She has a quiet manner about her, yet she knows where she is going and what she wants.
  • She is a great example to me of having high standards and morals.
  • She is determined, self-motivated, and very independant at such a young age.
  • She has a very strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and lives her life showing it.
  • She was just accepted into BYU for the fall semester and I'm so proud of her! We are going to miss her very much!
  • She comes over for dinner on average about 2-3x/week and hearing her and Jason banter back and forth is pretty entertaining.

I love you sis, and am so proud of your accomplishments so far, and can't wait to see where life takes you next!

Friday & Saturday: I attended the Arizona Dental Convention all day both days. It's an annual thing, and this year Rio Salado paid for my registration fee so I had to get as many credits as possible. Every 3 years I have to have 54 credits of continuing education for my license renewal. It's quite a bit! I learned a lot, and saw a lot of old friends from my graduating class and it was nice to catch up. I even saw one of my students from clinic, and she said, "Oh hi Ms. Boles!" I was like, huh? haha It just caught me off guard. She was introducing me to the group she was with and she stopped and said, "I'm sorry, I don't even know your first name." I told her outside of clinic she could call me Drea. It was kinda "punny" as Kayla would say.

Saturday Night: The boys went to priesthood session and some girlfriends and I went shopping and then met the boys for dinner at Oregano's afterward. Our entire table ordered the "Big Rig" pasta dish and the waiter thought that was pretty funny. When we got home, we both crashed and I couldn't believe how nice it was to know I didn't have to get up for church this morning. I slept for almost 10 hours! It was FANTASTIC!

Sunday: I got up and Jason had cleaned the kitchen and done dishes, which he HATES to do, and I really appreciate him for doing that. Annie came over and we made "eggs in a bag" (thanks Hillary for the idea!) which were fabulous and cinnamon rolls, watched conference, took naps and had a very relaxing day. When I am working hard, I really appreciate the days when I can relax and unwind. We all need it sometimes! My favorite conference talk was President Monson's closing remarks during the second session. I saw a side of him that I really hadn't seen before. He was so funny, and I loved how he talked about his wife. It reminded me a little of President Hinckley, and I really missed him this conference.

Well, on to the next week. Oh, and we booked our trip to NEW YORK for May and can't wait to see Ashlee and have her show us all her favorite things! Jason and I have never been so we are very excited!

PS - THANKYOU Hillary and Dez for helping me get my project done this week. I appreciate you both so much!