Sunday, September 21, 2008

We will miss Grandma Jo -

Today Jason's grandma Jo passed away at the hospital in Primghar, Iowa. She will be missed so much, especially I think the most by Jason's mom - they are best friends. But I am so excited that her spirit has been able to meet up again with her husband whom she has missed so very much for 9 long years. When we got the call this afternoon, I was picturing their reunion, and how sweet and joyful it must have been! They are together again, and I KNOW she is SO happy! I never met Grandpa Gordon, but I've heard so many stories and I know how much Grandma Jo loved him.
I will never forget how loving and caring Grandma Jo always was to me. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met and she was always thinking about others. She loved her family with all her heart. The first time I met her, she told me that she had told Jason a while before that he would meet his wife at church, and sure enough he did!
We are going to miss her sweet smile and seeing her when we visit, but I'm so happy she is in a better place. We love you Grandma Jo!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sisters Weekend in Vegas

I had such a fun weekend with my Ang, Ash, and the kids this weekend. It was a nice break from here, even though I was missing my Jason like crazy!

Ash wanted to get a happy meal with the lego toy in it. Well, it ended up being a little toy gun
that got tossed out the window on the drive back. hahaha, sorry Ash.

The kids were taking naps so we thought we would try to get a few pictures of all of us.

I love this picture!

I can picture Ashlee saying, "mmm, uh huh"

These 2 little cuties love to watch their videos together. They were watching Lion King here, and about 5 other times during the weekend!

Cute little friends sitting in their "hippo" pool in the living room watching a church video on Sunday.

Angela and Christian went out on Saturday night, and Ash and I watched the kids. We had so much fun! We took them to the park to play and then they wanted "The Golden Spoon" (we had nothing to do with the choice of the place, haha!) Kayla insisted on having a cone and so we got both of them a cone. They looked so cute with their chocolate coated faces!

Oh Buddy!

Sweet little girl!

We took the kids to The Mirage to the dolphin habitat and also to see the lions and tigers. It was only $15 to get in and free for kids! It really was such a neat place. The kids loved it and so did I. There were tiger cubs that were a few weeks old and also a baby dolphin who had just been born not even a week before. It was adorable swimming with its momma - when the mom would come out of the water so would the baby. The kids loved it! There was also an underground part where you could see the pool where the dolphins are from underneath. This is my absolute FAVORITE picture. Notice the dolphin's face in the above picture. It was swimming right toward the window with this look on its face like, "Hello, I'm totally oblivious to everyone and everything and I'm just swimming along minding my own business." Then of course Ashlee had to imitate, so we took the next picture...........

Seriously, it's one of those "you had to be there" moments, but nobody can appreciate this picture like I can! haha, I was laughing so hard uploading the picture :)

You could get right up next to the pools, and see the dolphins swim up really close.

Show off

The trainers come out periodically and feed the dolphins and have them do little tricks.

Baby tiger cub

This lion wasn't concerned with modesty that day....

Sleeping white tiger

In the lobby at The Mirage


I love my sisters! (Annie, we missed you! But we know you are having much more fun at BYU!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet baby girl

Baby Whalen is here! I had the chance to go down and see Hillary today and see the new baby. She is so precious! Even though she remains to be nameless, she is a little angel. She made little baby sounds as she was sleeping, but that was it. Not a peep! Hillary's mom was there and put a beautiful pink bow that she made on the front and back of Hillary's door - it was so cute. Of course I had to open the flood gates when I first saw her. It is such a neat and spiritual experience to be around a brand new baby. I think she looks like Hillary :) Love you Hill! I'm so glad she's here and that you both are doing great!