Saturday, January 3, 2009

Biggest Loser for the New Year

Happy New Year everybody! Just a quick post about the competition that Jason and I are entering. My sister won the last challenge that she competed in so she decided to be in charge of this one and head it up herself. Here's the deal - anybody can enter. It's $20 per person, and there will be a winner I believe weekly, and then a grand prize winner for the pot of money at the end. It's going to be based on body fat percentage lost, just like the Biggest Loser show. The competition is 8 weeks long, and starts January 6th, Tuesday - the same day as the premiere of the Biggest Loser on NBC. The pot is already close to $400! The more people that enter, the more money will be up for winning. And, what a great way to help motivate us all for our New Year's goals and help us stay motivated! If you want to enter, or know someone that does, just email Angela at and she will send you all the details/rules etc. There will also be a seperate blog for the challenge where people can share tips, healthy recipes, and success stories.

Here's to a healthy and happy 2009!!