Monday, December 12, 2011

We did it!! 90 days!!

I never thought I would type 90 days!! It seemed so far away. But we did it. It has been quite the journey! But one that I am so glad we have taken. I am even more impressed by Jason and his willingness to stick with this. When my Dr. suggested we do a vegan diet and see what happens, I was hoping Jason would jump on board with me. Little did I know, he would not only jump on board, but he would see such benefits himself.

I have to tell you what happened 2 weeks ago. I started to get sick. We were around all the kids for Thanksgiving, and they all had the sniffles and colds. I started to get it when we got home from Vegas. I refused to let it get in the way of my progress with my healthy lifestyle, ESPECIALLY my working out and training. I just would not have it. So, I went to the Dr. They recommended I go on antibiotics right away to make sure it didn't turn into something worse like it did last year. I was fine with that. Well anyway, they weighed me, and my weight was lower than I thought. So I asked her if she could tell me what my weight was last year when I was in. I weighed 25 more pounds last visit to the Dr. a year ago!!!! It was such a happy moment for me. I actually SAW the results on paper - in numbers. Not just how I feel. It made feeling sick all worth it to hear that news!! And the good thing is that in about 3 days I was all better. In the past it has taken me weeks to get over it. I KNOW it's because my body is healthier than it has been in a long time. So AWESOME!!!!

I will be setting some new goals for the new year. And I WILL be losing weight over the holidays. I have had some little treats here and there, but am trying very hard to stick with it. I think I am leaning towards having some fitness/exercise goals for the next few months. I will come up with something concrete so that I can track it on here. It has been fun to hear and read people's comments about trying new recipes themselves, getting healthier, and even people cutting out meat.

I hope the Christmas season is in full swing for everyone. It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Days 60-82 - Excuse me while I post!

Thanksgiving at Angela's! We had so much fun - and did I mention the food? No, we were not Vegan on Thanksgiving day - let's just say that right out front. Ok, and maybe not the whole weekend, but we did some modifications here and there.

Here is my plate on Thanksgiving day. It was delectable - every bite! Ang made grandma's cauliflower and cheese (I only got a little bit), and the mashed potatoes I made is another story. Let's just say that I went out and bought Angela a new mixer the next day!!

Jason having his first bite of meat in a long while!! He enjoyed every bite :)

Me and mom

Jason and Ash - Ashlee giving her usual camera face.

Angela didn't really get a break - after cooking and slaving on her feet for hours, Luke wanted to be held the whole dinner. haha Thanks Ang! It was marvelous! I also need to add that Angela and I did a 1 and a half hour Zumba class Thanksgiving morning. People - I have never worked out on Thanksgiving day, or probably Thanksgiving week in my life. This was a first, and I loved every minute! We went to Angela's friend Megan's gym where she teaches, and it was an even bigger class than what I am used to with Lisa. Thanksgiving week, I worked out over 6 hours. Yippee!!

Me and my best girls after doing Zumba when Angela was in town. The only person missing is Ashlee.... Zumba has saved my life - I love it so much!!

Tyler and me at Jamie's wedding. PS. Some of these pictures have nothing to do with food, haha.

Me and my girl, Kayla, my sweet flower girl!!

Ash, Juan, and me right before the wedding is starting.

Tyler, if looks could kill!! haha

Ok, I have been trying to get Jason to eat avocados for years. So, 8 years later, he decides that he likes avocado!! WHAT??? I say your taste buds change when you start eating healthier. Here is Jason enjoying some quinoa and black beans with avocado. Yum!

Our friends the Brogan's enjoyed a vegan meal with us. Their little Tyler loves Jason.

Black beans, quinoa, corn, onions, cilantro, lime, and tomatoes. Roasted asparagus, and tomatoes with vegan cornbread. So delish!

Time Out for Women in St. George was AWESOME! This is Jenny Oaks Baker playing the violin - beautiful!

Thanks Dez for the great weekend! Without your help, we wouldn't have been able to do it! Thanks to Brenna too, our new friend that let us stay at her condo. So sweet!

Enjoying my sister, kid free, for a night and a half. We had such a great time together!

I was introduced to my first salted chocolate caramel. I had 1 bite. And it was to DIE FOR!!!

No, I did not eat this entire thing. Just looked pretty so I wanted to take a picture. haha

This was at our quarterly supper club, with Monica and Ellen. Monica made her famous pumpkin roll - YUUUMMMM!!!! I wanted more, but only had a little slice.

Annie and me at the trunk or treat. And yes, the white chili won again.

Meeting up for Dad for his birthday at YC's. I get all the vegetables I want, tofu, and I even added shrimp this time. So good!

At our supper club, Monica made sure that we had fish, so that I could eat too! She made Alaskan cod with roasted fennel and an orange relish on top! Man, just typing this, I want that dish again. Also, roasted asparagus on the side. Drinks - Ellen had beer, Monica had wine, and I had sparkling pomegranate juice from Trader Joes- amazing! Monica always makes sure I'm accomadated!

Fun table setting at Monica's....

2 of my best girls - Now if we could just get us all 4 together!!

Enjoying some good food at YC's for dad's birthday.

Jason and his favorite soccer team's get up - Arsenal. Looking good!!

This is my mom's famous chili - I think I posted the recipe earlier on the blog?? I will have to check. Anyway, instead of using meat, I added tofu. The firm tofu, drain, and crumble just like you would meat. I saute it with my onions in the beginning, then add the stuff. Very good. Makes a ton though, so you could freeze some.

When I started out on this challenge, and wrote my first blog post, I remember typing - Day 1, and feeling like I would never see the day when I would type 60....But we made it! I can't believe we are actually almost to day 90 - which is the amount of time Jason and I said we would stick with this Vegan challenge. I'm pretty proud of us.

Weight loss total so far -

Drea - 20 pounds
Jason - 23 pounds

Yay us! So where do I begin in this post? We survived Thanksgiving, and no they were not Vegan days during that weekend. But as I have worked my way through this, I am finding my way. I am ready to do the 90/10 rule which is basically what I have been doing this last week. 90 percent plant based diet, with 10 percent anything you want. What a great way to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

I have finally figured out how to upload pictures from my camera, so I will be posting more often. Jason said, and I quote, "You need to post in short bursts so that I can stand to read it". Ok, fine. haha

The goal for December - to make it through all of the holiday parties, get togethers, and festivities, eating as clean as possible, and lose weight!! I will be checking in....

Until next time... Enjoy this WONDERFUL time of year!!