Sunday, October 23, 2011

Days 35-42 and down 12.5 pounds and happy to report....

This will be a very short post, but I wanted to atleast get something down for now, and then tomorrow I will plan on doing a more in depth post with more pictures and recipes!

I'm happy to report that after 6 weeks I am down 12.5 pounds, and Jason 14 pounds. Mom - I believe her last count was 7, but I'm not sure. :) Either way, I can't believe we made it 6 weeks. I did have some labs drawn on Friday and Saturday, and the Dr. wants me to go ahead and incorporate some eggs and fish throughout the week. I am especially interested to see if this will help with my lightheadedness that I have been getting. I am working out hard each week now, with Zumba and training with Sassi. Jason is not interested in incorporating any fish or eggs yet. He has had no signs of dizziness or lightheadedness so he is feeling wonderful. I can tell a difference in his energy levels too. He will have labs drawn in December to see where he is at.

The other thing I am happy to report about is my cholesterol: it went from 158 to 133. They tell you at the Dr. that anything below 200 is normal, but with everything I have been reading and studying, that is not entirely true. Evidence shows that you want your total cholesterol levels below 150 atleast, to protect yourself from heart disease. So go get your cholesterol checked and see where you are at! If anyone reading this wants to comment and report their cholesterol, that would be fun.... tee hee!

Gotta go get ready for work now. I will post more tomorrow. Pics and recipes....

PS. Happy Birthday to my dear friend Hailey!!!

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