Monday, December 12, 2011

We did it!! 90 days!!

I never thought I would type 90 days!! It seemed so far away. But we did it. It has been quite the journey! But one that I am so glad we have taken. I am even more impressed by Jason and his willingness to stick with this. When my Dr. suggested we do a vegan diet and see what happens, I was hoping Jason would jump on board with me. Little did I know, he would not only jump on board, but he would see such benefits himself.

I have to tell you what happened 2 weeks ago. I started to get sick. We were around all the kids for Thanksgiving, and they all had the sniffles and colds. I started to get it when we got home from Vegas. I refused to let it get in the way of my progress with my healthy lifestyle, ESPECIALLY my working out and training. I just would not have it. So, I went to the Dr. They recommended I go on antibiotics right away to make sure it didn't turn into something worse like it did last year. I was fine with that. Well anyway, they weighed me, and my weight was lower than I thought. So I asked her if she could tell me what my weight was last year when I was in. I weighed 25 more pounds last visit to the Dr. a year ago!!!! It was such a happy moment for me. I actually SAW the results on paper - in numbers. Not just how I feel. It made feeling sick all worth it to hear that news!! And the good thing is that in about 3 days I was all better. In the past it has taken me weeks to get over it. I KNOW it's because my body is healthier than it has been in a long time. So AWESOME!!!!

I will be setting some new goals for the new year. And I WILL be losing weight over the holidays. I have had some little treats here and there, but am trying very hard to stick with it. I think I am leaning towards having some fitness/exercise goals for the next few months. I will come up with something concrete so that I can track it on here. It has been fun to hear and read people's comments about trying new recipes themselves, getting healthier, and even people cutting out meat.

I hope the Christmas season is in full swing for everyone. It's the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!


Sheri said...

You know I'm on board with whatever you do - we can exercise together! You are such an inspiration to me and one of my best friends. Love you!

Dezaree said...

I'm so proud of you and excited for you. You're a definite inspiration for me! Love you mucho!