Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello Tammy! Days 47 - 59

Ok, it's been way too long! Where is the time going?? I am having trouble uploading my pictures this morning, and I am in a time crunch to get to work, and then catch a flight tonight, so this will be quick. Here are a few updates:

Weight loss for us -

Jason - Almost 20 pounds! Get out of here!
Drea - 17 pounds - YAY!

Jason said "the words" the other night.... "I am a vegetarian." Oh em gee....haha this is crazy! He is feeling so good and doing great.

Since adding in a few eggs (mostly egg whites) and fish, I am feeling better. The dizziness is going away, and this tells me my body needs these things. My training is going AWESOME and I'm feeling so much stronger which is such a great thing for me. I am seeing a big difference in my clothes and Jason's pants are falling off. We both refuse to get any new pants until December! We may have to though. My scrubs are even starting to fall off me a bit by the end of the day, so we'll see how long we can go.

I have so many great pictures of food and I'm frustrated they won't upload! But I promise to get them on soon. I also will put my minestrone soup recipe that I got from my friend Adrienne on too. It's amazing and one of my favorite soups to date! I could eat soup everyday, seriously. Jason asked me this week - Do we only eat soup now? I'm like, c'mon we eat a lot more than that! I also made a creamy cauliflower soup, completely vegan and no dairy. It was delish - Annie and Jason loved it too. My other favorite for the week: My honey mustard glazed salmon which is to die for. I could have that every night. I'm having salmon about 2 times a week.

I will post pictures soon! If the system will let me! Maybe Sunday.

Happy rest of the week everyone!!