Saturday, October 18, 2008

Too much to blog....SO

I am completely overwhelmed right now. I was thinking I really wanted to update my blog, but I have about 100 things I wanted to post about and don't really know what to start with. Jason and I have been SOO busy and a lot has happened in the last month.

So until my brain feels less overwhelmed and I can sort through my pictures, here is what I wanted to blog about.

My fabulous sister Angela is an AMAZING photographer and will be here in town the week of Thanksgiving through the following week which is the first week of December. She is already booking appointments while she is here, for family photos for Christmas cards, etc. So I wanted to let all my peeps know if you want some pictures taken for Christmas and you want a really great job done, for VERY reasonable prices. Contact me, or you can contact her directly through the link below.

Check out her photography blog and on the right hand side there are categories; click on "Family" and you can see examples of different family photos she's taken recently.

Angela Salazar Photography:
Until next time.... :)