Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fabulous Girls Night Out

Last night, we took Sara out for her birthday which is tomorrow, August 7th. We had SO much fun! We went to Oregano's, Sara's choice, but we definately all agreed on it - it's one of my fave's! Sara got her favorite, The Big Rig pasta with shrimp and I had it with chicken. DELICIOUS! Chelsea and Hillary shared the yummy picasso salad.

I had a stressful 2 days of work, and I really needed a fun night out with my girlfriends. We had some really good laughs and my favorite was when we got on the subject of laser hair removal. **IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED DO NOT CONTINUE TO READ!** HAHA
We were picking Chelsea's brain about how it feels and what the process is like and all the details of it, since Chelsea is the expert. Of course pubic hair had to come up, so right as our PIZZA COOKIES came out, Sara blurted out, "There's just something about pubes..." and right then our waiter said, "ok, here's your pizzookie" I think we all peed our pants just a little because we were laughing so hard!

Hillary gave us some "good" insight on the joys of pregnancy as well, so we're all real excited now about giving birth. haha!

Thanks girls for such a fun night! Love you all! There's nothing like having wonderful friends in my life - I am very blessed :)

PS. Happy Birthday tomorrow Sara!